Minutes from Mascoutah, Illinois, Conference, 21 February 1843

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St, Clair County, State of Illinois——
Mascoutah, February 21st. 1843
A Special Meeting or conference was called by Elder H[enry] B. Jacobs for the purpose of organizing a branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints at 2 oclock of said day. Agreeable to order we came together
Br. Jacobs then selected a hymn which was sung by the Church and after prayer by Elder Jacobs the meeting was opened for business when after being taught the order of the church Agreeable to order.
On Motion of Br Moses Herring Seconded by our president Br George W. Yarbrough was selected for our Elder And Br Jarvis M. Jackson for Clerk whose business it shall be to keep a record of church business which afterwards may transpire
Br George W. Yarbrough then was ordaind according to the rule and regulations of said Church by Elder H. B. Jacobs
When after being taught the admonitions and precepts contained in a certain revelation concerning the word of Wisdom which was agreeably received the branch of said Church composes Eleven members called the Muscoutah branch Eight of whom were baptised by Elder Jacobs. The following are the names of the members composing said branch
* George W. Yarbrough} Elder Nancy Free
* Jarvis M. Jackson} clerk
* Moses Herring *Note those with the Star were baptised by Elder Jacobs.——
Peter T Arick
* Elizabeth Yarbrough
* Cassi Ann Jackson
* Rebecca Herring
* Lucy Steel
* Caroline Harrison
Lucy Free
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The minutes of the conference was then read by the clerk and after the brethren expressed their feelings to each other the meeting was closed by prayer by the president
Elder H. B. Jacobs president
George W. Yarbrough ordained Elder
Jarvis M. Jackson <​clerk​>
Respectfully Submitted to the Honor of President Joseph Smith for further use
by the clerk
J. M. J.
A letter of commendation
This may certify that during the stay which Br Elder Jacobs has had with us he has acted with zeal and candor for his cause and his conduct has been honourable honest upright and fair so far as comes under our knowledge We therefore recommend him to all the Saints wherever his lot may be cast
Jarvis M. Jackson Clerk
George W. Yarbrough Elder [p. [2]]
Hancock County, Ill,
To the Rev. Joseph Smith,
H. B. Jacobs
Feb 21, 1843
Organization of Macoutah, Branch


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