Minutes, Nauvoo Legion, 15 October 1842

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October 15th 1842
General Court Martial of the Nauvoo Legion met at the office of Genl
Major Genl President
The Court was called to order at 10 o clock AM The rank Roll was then called in the usual manner.
Several fines were remitted upon application
A Bill was then presented, which was read, and ordered to be brought forward in seperate sections for discussion, which was done accordingly and afterwards passed unanimously [p. 29] under the Title of Ordinance No. 4.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the Court Martial of the Nauvoo Legion in General Court Assembled, that any private or noncommissioned officer residing without the City Corporation, may leave the Company to which he belongs, at any time, whenever he shall produce satisfactory evidence that he has enrolled himself in the millitia company in the precinct in which he resides.
Sec. 2. Each Regimental or Battalion Adjutant shall receive annually from the treasury of the Legion, two dollars for each company in his respective Regiment or Battallion, provided he shall keep a correct <​record​> of all the Regimental or Battalion Orders, revise semiannually in the months of April, before the Cohort drill, and in the month of September before the Legion drill, the roll of commissioned and non-commissioned officers, and make return thereof to the respective Brigadier Generals; also attend all company elections and keep the record thereof furnish blank returns for each commandant of companies, for Company, Battalion, Regimental, Cohort, and Legion parades, and deliver them to said commandants before said days of parade.
Sec. 3 The Record Book of said Adjutants shall be open to the inspection of the field and general officers. [p. 30]
Sec. 4. The Adjutant’s account shall be endorsed by the commanders of Regiments and Battalions with a certificate that he has duly and faithfully performed all the duties required by this ordinance and all other rules and regulations.
Sec. 5. The War Secretary shall receive thirty dollars, and the chief musician ten dollars, each annually, in consideration of faithful performances of all the duties required of them, and said officers shall have their accounts certified to by the Major General.
Sec. 6. The Adjutant General shall receive twenty dollars annually in consideration of faithful performance of his duty, which account shall be approved by the Lieutenant General.
Sec. 7. The officers composing the Courts of Assessment & Courts of Appeal shall receive for their services one dollar each, per day, to be approved by the Major General.
Sec. 8. All disbursements made pursuant to this act ordinance shall be paid out of the funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Sec. 9. That all officers wishing to resign shall present their resignations in writing, stating their reasons, thirty day previous to the drill musters.
Sec. 10. All laws, or parts of laws, contrary to the provisions in this ordinance contained or specified, be and the same are hereby repealed.
Sec. 11. This ordinance to take effect and be in force from and after its passage.
Resolved that the Judge Advocate and War Secretary procure books for the respective Adjutants the price of each book not to cost more than one dollar; also a book for the Adjutant General, the price thereof not to cost more than [p. 31] two dollars, also a book for the War Secretary, the price thereof not to cost more than four dollars.
Resolved That no officer shall be fined for nonattendance at this Court Martial.
Adjourned untill the next regular Court Martial
War Secretary.
Approved August [October] the 16th 1842.
Joseph Smith, Lieutenant General Nauvoo Legion. [p. 32]