Minutes, Nauvoo Legion, 20 February 1841

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Saturday, Feb. 20th, AD. 1841.
Court Martial met pursuant to adjournment; present—
Generals J. Smith, , , [p. 2] & ; Colonels and ; ; ; Lieutenants , , [Amos] Davis, , , , , , , , , and . officers , , [C. M.] Kreymeyer, , , , , and , , , , [George] Wirick, , , and appeared and took their seats. appointed his Aid-de-Camp. appeared and took his seat. was ordered to procure a seat. was ordered to enlist and organize a band of musick, not exceeding twenty men. Ordered, that no person, whatever, residing within the limits of the City of , between the ages of 18 & 45 years, excepting such as are exempted by the Laws of the , shall be exempt from military duty, unless exempted by a special act of this court. Fines were fixed at the following rates; to wit: for neglecting or refusing to appear on the days of general parade, for Generals 25 dollars; Colonels, 20 dollars; Captains, 15 dollars; Lieutenants, 10 dollars; and musicians and privates, 5 dollars: and on the days of company parade, for commissioned officers, 5 dollars; non-commissioned officers, 3 dollars; musicians and privates, 2 dollars. The 1st & 6th of April, [p. 3] and the 3rd of July, were fixed upon as days of general parade for this year — 1841,— commandants of companies to fix on the days of company parade. The court adopted Macomb’s tactics by Cooper. was appointed by Lt. Gen. Smith to designate the uniforms.
Adjourned to the 2nd of March, at the same place.
Joseph Smith, President.
, Secretary.
[written sideways on left side of second page] March 2nd 1841 [p. 4]