Minutes, Nauvoo Legion, 20 May 1843

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May 20th 1843.
General Court Martial of the Nauvoo Legion met according to adjournment at the Lodge Room at 10 o’clock A. M. Brevet Major General President Jesse Crosbie applied to have a fine remitted the Court decided that the fine stand. The fines against Mathew Peck, Danford Atwood, Lieut Col , George Grabill, Charles <​Price​> Alexr Mulliner, and ’s fine was remitted. , and Aaron York applied to have fine remitted. The court decided their fines satnd. stand
Resolved That all the public arms in the Legion be called in by the , and distributed as originally intended and that the surplus of arms belonging to the companies first drawing, shall be distributed to the next Company in rank of the same grade that the Captains of companies shall be required to give bonds to the [p. 32] and that the Captains be required to take joint security from each member of his Company who may draw arms, that the Brigadier Generals shall assist the in the distribution, and that measures be taken immediately, by the Commanders of Companies to have the arms brought in as aforesaid within thirty days from this date.
Resolved That there be a Committee of revision appointed to consist of five members, to revise the laws of the Legion, and that the committee be composed of Col , Major , Captain , Brigadier General , and Major General and that said Committee have power to fill any vacancy which may be occasioned by the nonattendance of any of its members.
Resolved That Scott’s tacticks be adopted in the place of McCombs as heretofore
Resolved That the expences which has accrued for powder, the use of horses &c for the cannon be paid out of the first monies collected.
The fines against , Homer Jackson, and Joseph Hutton was remitted
Resolved That a Committee of three be appointed to investigate the claims of War Secretary for services rendered the Legion and that the investigation be under the supervision of , Adjutant General of the Legion and that the committee be composed of Col , General , and Major John Bills.
Resolved That the warrant be withdrawn from James M. Flack, and given to , also [p. 33] that all the warrants for fines now issued be <​or to be issued​> <​be​> given to himself that he be and is hereby appointed sole collector <​for the Legion​>
Adjourned untill next the 10th day of June next.
President of the Court Martial
War Secretary.
Aproved. Joseph Smith, Lieutenant General Nauvoo Legion. [p. 34]