Miscellaneous Notes [20–22 June 1844]

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June 20th. 1844
at peep of day came in to inform us, that last night, soon after he and others left Macedonia they came up to a number of men, having 2 Red Flags and a drum, they were hailed to stop— but they came on, when they were fired on by the mob— the balls being plainly heard whizzing over their heads.
Brother Suffocool informs us of men driving a hundred head of Fat Cattle towards from the direction of Madison
[5 lines blank]
1/4 past 12 rec[eiv]ed instructions to attend to affidavits and superintend the Head Quarters and commenced with s Afft. (No. 4) together with three others in relation to the Mobocrats in
No. 5 Afft. of & 2 others do.—— do.——
No. 6 afft. of Allen Wait—— do.—— do.——
No. 7 afft. of James Guyman—— do—— do——
No. 8 afft of Obadiah Bowen—— do.—— do.——
No. 9 afft. of —— do.—— do.——
No, 10 afft. of Hiram B. Mount & John Cunningham do.—— do.——
at ep 8 went with the men to the Prophet— read over the affidavits— afterwards waited on a Justice of the Peace— when they were all sworn to
<​ep 10​> John Pike and Henry Gates came to Head Quarters to inform of a number of men driving about 300 Cattle in the direction of the Mob camp— they were about 9 miles from — and reported themselves from
<​at ep 3​> An afft made by Mr. John Loomis No. 11.
<​21 mp 10​> An afft. made by Samuel Hicks— No. 12
An alarm made that was at ’s— ordered out a posse to take him, went accordingly which proved a false alarm.
<​21 mp 10​> General J. Smith and Suite passed head quarters up Main St.
<​21 ep 2​> Coll. of the Guard called to notify that on his inspection last night, he found Edwin H. Doherty asleep in a Boat and intoxicated on duty under the command of Captn. Cheeny— discharged from the Guard and another appointed in his place [p. [1]]
<​21 ep 2​> news arrived that there was a letter from the , who was at Council meeting called at the Mansion— a number of affidavits were read over
<​21 ep 7​> came by order of the Sergeant & the Guard at the Stone House to report the crew of the maid of Iowa for firing five guns contrary to order.
<​21 e 10​> Private — Minor came and gave information that as he was passing out of the city— to his home, about two miles out of the , he was fired upon by some person, unknown to him— in consequence of which ordered out a piquet to examine—and see that all things were correct and to report their examination accordingly—
<​22 mp 5​> made a report of same—nothing found— Guard safe—
<​22 mp 10​> affidavit of Luman H. Calkins respecting William Nesbit’s threats (No. 13) to shoot General Joseph Smith &
<​"​> Orders to Brig. Genl. how to draw rations for 2nd. Cohort
<​"​> Afft. of H. Rozenkrantz as to his conduct (No. 14)
<​22 mp 11​> Phoebe Levett— saw Finch, Rolleston, Foster & Squire Mc.Cawley in the No. who fired on the Guard on the Le Harp Road—
<​—​> Afft. of Luther Taylor as to his conduct (No. 15)
<​—​> Afft. of James Olive as to occurrences at the Big Mound (No. 16)
<​mp 12​> Orders sent to different Guards and Piquets to let persons pass and repass without hailing them— until further orders
Afft. of Geo. G. Johnstone as to the militia in being called out by orders of the Governor (No. 17)
1844 June 20th.
Mobs Affidavits &c &c [p. [2]]


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