Mittimus, 29 November 1838 [State of Missouri v. Gates et al. for Treason]

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State of Missouri
To the keeper of the Jail of greeting, whereas Joseph Smith Jr. and ; as also have been brought before me Judge of the fifth Judicial Circuit in the State of and charged with the offence of treason against the State of and the said defendants on their examination before me being held to answer further to said charge the said Joseph Smith Jun. and to answer in the County of and the said to answer further in the County of for said charge of treason and there being no Jail in said Counties These are therefore to command that you receive the said Joseph Smith Jun. and into your custody in the Jail of said County of there to remain until they be delivered therefrom by due course of law Given under my hand & Seal the 29th day of November 1838
State of Missouri) ect [scilicet]
County of )
I Samuel Hadly Sheriff of do hereby certify that the above is a true Copy of the to me directed in the cases therein named
Samuel Hadley Jailor by Saml Tillevy Deputy Jailor
Mo. [p. [1]]
Copy sent by with Joseph Smith Jr & others to the keeper of Liberty Jail, in Mo.
N— (11 16— [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Docket in unidentified handwriting.