Notice, 26 January 1842 [JS v. O. Cowdery]

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STATE OF ILLINOIS, ) SS. [scilicet]
Circuit Court, October Term, A. D. 1841)
Joseph Smith)
vs.) In
.) Bill of .
THIS day came the complainant, by his Solicitor, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that , the above named defendant, is a non-resident of this ; It is therefore, on the application of complainant’s solicitor, ordered and decreed that unless the said shall personally be and appear before the Judge of this court on or before the first day of the next term thereof to be holden at the court house in , on the first Monday in the month of May, A. D. 1842, and answer the allegations and charges contained in said complainant’s bill which has been exhibited against him in the said court on the Chancery side thereof, the same will be taken against him as confessed, and the matters thereof decreed accordingly. And it is further ordered, that a copy of this order be published in some public newspaper printed in this , for four weeks successively, once at least in each week, the first insertion thereof to be made at least sixty days previous to the next term of this court, to which term this cause is continued.
, Clerk.
January 26, 1842—4t [p. [3]]