Notice, 6 June 1844

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HAVING once notified the Public against receiving a certain currency, called “Kirtland Safety Society”, I again caution all persons against receiving of, or trading in, said paper money as all that was issued as genuine was redeemed; after the first officers who signed said bills retired, a new set of officers were appointed: and the vault of the institution was broken open and robbed, of several hundred thousand dollars: the signatures forged upon the said stolen bills, and those bills are being slily bartered or had in trade for the purpose of willful and malicious prosecution and collection. In the first place, the bills are not collectable by law in an unchartered institution: in the second place they are spurious, the signatures being a forgery, and every person passing or trading a bill is guilty of passing counterfeit money, besides the barefaced act of swindling. And lastly, he that uses said bills in any way as a medium of trade, is guilty of fraud and shows a wicked and corrupt determination to wilfully, maliciou[s]ly, and feloniously rob the Latter Day Saints; and if the executors of the laws, are as ready to mete out even handed justice to such men as to the Mormons, more indictments, will indicate more honesty. Time will show.
, June 6th, 1844.—7:3w [p. [3]]