Notice, 9 April 1844 [Davis v. JS et al.]

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Circuit Court
May Term 1844.
Joseph Smith, &
The defendants in this Cause are notified to produce on the trial of this Cause the records of the Municipal Court of the City of , Containing the records of all proceedings in the trial of and matter of on , together with all papers used in said Court in said matter and the petition of said for said Writ and the return of the officer on and with said Writ and the or warrant showing by what authority said was imprisoned &c together with all papers properly relating to said matter, to be used and inspected by the plaintiff on the trial of said Cause in the Circuit Court of .
To the said defendants
Bachman & Skinner & attys for
April 9th 1844. [1/4 page blank] [p. [1]]
Smith et. al.
Served April 13th. on Smith. & 15th. on
State of Illinois) ss [scilicet]
I being duly sworn say that I, on the 13 and 14 days of April 1844, served a true copy of the within notice on each of the within named defendants by leaving said Copy with each of them
Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 9th day of May 1844
By Depy)
Filed May 9— 1844
clk [p. [2]]


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