Ordinance, 16 January 1844–B, as Published in Nauvoo Neighbor

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An ordinance regulating a City Directory and Intelligence Office.
Sec 1 Be it ordained by the city council of the city of , that shall be authorized to make out a city directory and also establish an intelligence office in this .
Sec 2 The said shall make out a complete directory, stating therein in alphabetical order, the names of any and every householder in said , with a convenient and easy reference to his place of residence and business, together with his profession or occupation.
Sec 3 He shall also keep an office for the purpose of giving intelligence or information to all such citizens, strangers, or others that may call upon him for that purpose, and shall take especial care to obtain from the most authentic sources all information necessary for the Benefit of the citizens of said .
Sec 4 The said , shall be allowed to receive a fee of not exceeding twenty-five cents from each applicant, for each information so given, as a compensation for his trouble in obtaining such information and for keeping said office.
He shall also be allowed the sole and entire benefit of whatever may be obtained by the use or sale of the said city directory, f[o]r the space of three years from the first of April next.
Sec 5 The said , shall procure the printing of the said city directory, so soon as he shall be able to compile the same, providing he shall be able to obtain subscribers sufficient to justify the expense.
Sec 6 The said shall furnish the city council, mayor and city marshall, one copy each of the said city directory (providing he shall be able to procure the printing of the same,) and also give any and all information in his possession connected with the business of the at all times when called upon for that purpose free of expense.
Sec 7 He shall have until the first day of April next, to make out and complete the said directory, and shall correct and make such additions as may be necessary, annually, thereafter between the first day of February, and the first day of April, next following. This ordinance to be in force from and after its passage.
Sec 8 That if the foregoing requisitions are not complied with by , the office shall revert back to the city council.
Passed January 18 [16], 1844
, Recorder [p. [2]]