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An Ordinance respecting absent Members.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of , that in case a less number than a quorum of the city Council shall convene, they are hereby authorized to send the Marshal or any other Person or Persons by them authorized, for any or all absent Member or Members, as the majority of such Members present shall agree, who shall take him or them into his or their custody, and bring him of them forthwith before the Council, at the expense of such absent Member or Members, respectively, unless such excuse for nonattendance shall be made as the Council, when a quorum is convened, shall judge sufficient; and in that case, the expense shall be paid out of the City Treasury.
Sec. 2. That the same fees be allowed the City Marshal or other Person or Persons employed by the city Council as are awarded to the city Marshal for like services, and that they shall be collected as all fines are, of a similar kind.
Sec. 3. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.
Presdt pro tem
passed Octr. 25th.1842.
, Recorder. [p. [1]]
1842 Octr. 25th.
Copy Ordinance respecting absent Members.
for the use of the printing office.— [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.