Ordinance, 3 February 1841–A, as Recorded in Nauvoo Legion Minute Book

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An ordinance organizing the ,” by the City Council
Sec 1 Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of , That the inhabitants of the City of , and such citizens of as may unite by voluntary enrollment, be, and they are hereby organized into a body of military men to be called the “Nauvoo Legion,” as contemplated in the 25th Section of “An act to incorporate the City of ” approved December 16th 1840
Sec. 2. The Legion shall be and is hereby, is divided into two Cohorts,— the horse troops to constitute the First Cohort, and the foot troops to constitute the Second Cohort.
Sec. 3. The General officers of the Legion shall consist of a Lieutenant General, as chief commanding and reviewing officer, and President of the Court Martial, and Legion; a Major General as second in command of the Legion, the secratary of the Court Martial, and Legion, and Adjutant and Inspector General; a Brigadier General as Commander of the First Cohort; and [p. 2] a Brigadier General as commander of the Second Cohort.
Sec. 4. The Staff of the Lieutenant General shall consist of two principal Aids de Camp, with the rank of Colonels of Cavalry, and a guard of twelve Aids de Camp, with the rank of Captains of Infantry, and a Drill Officer with the rank of Colonel of Dragoons, who shall likewise be be the chief officer of the guard.
Sec. 5. The staff of the Major General shall consist of an Adjutant, a Surgeon in Chief, a Cornet, a Quarter Master, a Pay Master a Commissary, and a Chapl[a]in with the rank of Colonels of Infantry; a Surgeon for each Cohort, a Quarter Master Sergeant, Sergeant Major, and Chief Musician, with the rank of Captains of Light Infantry; and two Musicians, with the rank of Captains of Infantry.
Sec. 6. The Staff of each Brigadier General shall consist of one aid de Camp, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry; provided that the said Brigadiers shall have access to the staff of the Major General when not otherwise in service
Sec. 7. That the No officer shall hereafter be elected by the various companies of the Legion, except upon the nomination of the Court Martial, and it is hereby made the duty of the Court Martial to nominate at least two candidates for each vacant office, whenever such vacancies occur.
Sec. 8. The Court Martial shall fill and supply all offices ranking between [p. 3] between <​Captains​> and Brigadiers General by granting brevet commissions to the most worthy company officers of the line, who shall thereafter take rank and command according to the dates of their brevets; provided that their original place in the line shall not <​thereby​> be vacated.
Sec. 9. The Court Martial consisting of all the military officers, commissioned or entitled to commissions, within the City corporation, shall meet at the office of Joseph Smith, on Thursday the 4th day of February 1841, at 10 o’clock A. M. and then and there, proceed to elect the general officers of the Legion as contemplated in the third section of this ordinance.
Sec. 10. The Court Martial shall adopt for the Legion, as nearly as, may be, and so far as applicable the dicipline, drill, uniform, rules, and regulation of the Army.
Sec. 11. This ordinance shall take effect, and be in force, from and after its passage.
Passed, Feb 3rd A. D. 1841.
. Mayor.
, Recorder. [p. 4]