Pay Order, Henry G. Sherwood to Nauvoo City Treasurer for Truman R. Barlow, 27 September 1843

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This is to Certify that Truman [R.] Barlow is Entitled to fifty Cents for his Team in moovin Wm Pain in care of the Small pox— City of
Sept 27th 1843—
City Marshall [p. [1]]
<Truman Barlow
Jany 15— 1844>
<​Paid​> [p. [2]]


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    This document is not written as a pay order, but it is standing in for a pay order. William Clayton noted on the back of this order that Barlow was paid 15 Jan. 1844. There is no entry in the Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger corresponding specifically with the dates on this document or the amount. There is one transaction with Barlow for fifty cents that was recorded 10 October 1844 regarding a treasurer’s order given 11 January 1844, which could correspond to this pay order. (Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger, 20.)  

    Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger, 1842–1845. Nauvoo, IL, Records, 1841–1845. CHL. MS 16800.

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    Endorsements in handwriting of William Clayton.