Pay Order, James Sloan to Nauvoo City Treasurer for John A. Forgeus, 11 March 1843

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I hereby Certify that there has been this day allowed to John A. Forgeus, by the City Council of the City of , three Dollars, as a Clerk of the municipal Election in 1843, which Sum the will please pay him.—
Given under my hand, & the Corporation Seal of the City of , Ills, March 11th. 1843.
, City Recorder of the City of , Ills.—
John A. Forgeus.— [p. [1]]
<John A. Forgeus
Entered April 28— 1843> [p. [2]]


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    At the 11 March 1843 Nauvoo City Council meeting, James Sloan presented a certificate stating that the judges and clerks for the 8 Feb. 1843 city election were entitled to three dollars each. The judges (George W. Harris, Daniel Spencer, and Benjamin Warrington) relinquished their claims, but the clerks (John A. Forgeus and Sloan) were issued orders. This transaction was recorded in the Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger on 28 April 1843. (Claims from George W. Harris and Others, 8 Feb. 1843; Nauvoo City Council Rough Minute Book, Nov. 1842–Jan. 1844, 12; Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger, 50.)  

    Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger, 1842–1845. Nauvoo, IL, Records, 1841–1845. CHL. MS 16800.

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    TEXT: Embossed seal, “CORPORATION SEAL of CITY of NAUVOO 1840”.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of William Clayton.