Pay Order to Brother Davis, circa 1 March 1841

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Brother Davis
Dear Sir
I wish you would let the bearer have five dollers in mony Even if you have to borrow it and obliege your best friend
Joseph Smith [p. [1]]
Rec’d on the with the with in five bits
March 1th 1841 [p. [2]]


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    For antebellum Americans, a “bit” usually designated an eighth of the value of a dollar. It is unlikely, however, that Davis offered JS five bits instead of five dollars. Because of the unusually ungrammatical nature of this note of receipt, it is possible that the note is incomplete. It is also possible that the “five bits” noted here was only a portion of the payment, with the rest given in some other form. It may also be the case that the word bit was used anomalously here to designate five dollars in coin.