Pay Order to Newel K. Whitney for George Miller, 18 September 1840

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Septr 18th 1840
Dear friend
I was autherized previous to the departure of for to get any and all Such articles I might want or stood in need of out of the Store of Goods &c put by him (the Said :) into your hands as to dispose of for his benefit. You will therefore in compliance with the arrangement made by me with Let the bearer have Such Articles as he may want, if you have them, and charge the Same to my account and I will adjust the Same with on his return, Send me a bill of the articles furnished
Yours Respectfully
Joseph Smith Jr [p. [1]]
<​J.o Smiths Jr order $65.88 19 Sept 1840 see items on Book​> [p. [2]]


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    Granger left Illinois for Kirtland soon after concluding an agreement with JS on 29 April 1840, which authorized Granger to settle debts owed by JS and the other members of the First Presidency. Granger was in Kirtland by June 1840. (Agreement with Oliver Granger, 29 Apr. 1840; Lake Co., OH, Deeds, 1840–1950, Deed Records, vol. A, pp. 65–66, 3 June 1840, microfilm 974,939, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL.)  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

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    If Whitney sent a bill of articles, it is apparently no longer extant.  

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    Signature of JS.  

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    TEXT: Signature is in graphite.  

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    Endorsement in the handwriting of Newel K. Whitney.