Petition, 10 October 1843 [State of Illinois v. Drown on Habeas Corpus]

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To the Honorable the Municipal Court of the City of Hancock County & State of Illinois—
Your Petitioner Charles Drowne [Drown] respectfully represents that he is now held in Custody by one Samuel Waterman a Constable in and for said <​​> in this — Your Petitioner further represents that on the 4th Inst. Leonard E. Harrington a Justice of the Peace Issued a State Warrant against your Petitioner upon the affidavit of one <​Almond​> [Almon] Bathrick charging your Petitioner with the crime of Perjury upon which Warrant your Petitioner was arrested and held in custody until the 9th Inst. when an Examination was had of the case before the said Leonard E. Harrington but your Petitioner was not discharged but is still in the custody of the said Samuel Waterman in this the
Your Petitioner further represents that he is Innocent of the crime with which he stands charged. that the preceedings against him were instituted through malice, private pique & corruption— Petitioner further state that his said arrest was Illegal in this the affidavit & Warrant of arrest <​which are hereunto annexed as copies of <​a copy of​> [illegible]​> do not state <​which​> that a crime has been committed neither does it show in any way that a crime has been committed in the County of <​neither does the writ used in the name of the People of the State of as the statute [illegible] law require​> therefore the said Writ is Illegal & void— Your Petitioner further states that he was deprived from having a fair & impartial Examination of said case in this that he was prepared to prove beyond a doubt that the Testimony that was brought against your Petitioner [p. [1]] ought not to be believed but your Petitioner was denied the right of Even attempting to impeach the Witnesses. Your Petitioner avers that there was Error in said descision of which he prays your honorable Body to take cognizance
Wherefore your Petitioner <​prays​> that a writ of may be awarded directed to the said Samuel Waterman commanding him that he bring your Petitioner forthwith and without delay before this Honorable court together with the causes of his caption in order that your petitioner may be dealt with according to Law— and your Petitioner as in duty bound will Ever pray—
Charles Drown
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th day of October A.D. 1843. at the City of , Ills
Clerk of the Municipal Court.
Petition of Charles Drown— for — filed Oct 10th 1843
Clk [p. [2]]


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