Petition, 2 April 1844 [State of Illinois v. Greene et al. on Habeas Corpus]

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State of Illinois)
City of )
To the Hono[r]able Municipal Court of the City of
The undersigned your Petitioners would most respectfully represent that they are residents of the City of Your Petitioners would further represent that they are now undersigned an arrest in <​the City of ​> and in the custody of one a constable in & for the county of and State of by virtue of a warrant issued by a Justice of the Peace in and for the & aforesaid upon the Complaint of that the crime of “False imprisonment” had been committed within the said county of & State of in this that the Said was forcibly taken into Custody and depr[i]ved of his Liberty contrary to the form of the Statute and without any Legal authority, all of which matters will more fully appear by refference to the said warrant of arrest <​a copee of​> which is hereunto attached— Your Petitioners further represent that they are not guilty of the charge preferred against them. That their arrest [p. [1]] has been instituted through malice private pique & corruption. Your Petitioners further aver that <​their​> arrest is illegal which matter of Illegality your Petitioners your Petitioners most respectfully submits to the consideration of your Honorable Body— And all matters connected with said arrest, the corruption, & the Baseness which have caused our arrest are most respectfully submitted for consideration. Your Petitioners would therefore most claim at the hands of your Honorable Body the benefit of your most gracious writ of “” and your Petitioners as in duty bound will Ever pray—
Subscribed and sworn to this 2d day of April— 1844 at aforesa[i]d. before may me , clerk,— of municipal court
Petition & copy of warra[n]t of . & .— Apr. 2, 1844 [p. [2]]


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    Signatures of John P. Greene, Andrew Lytle, and John Lytle.  

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    Certification in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.