Petition, 30 May 1844 [United States v. Jeremiah Smith on Habeas Corpus–B]

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State of Illinois) Ss [scilicet]
County of )
City of
May 29. 1844
To the Honorable Municipal Court of the City of
The petition of respectfully represents that he has been for some time past residing in said — that on the [blank] day of May 1844 while so a resident of said , he was arrested at said by one & is now detained by him in custody as a prisoner.
That there is no legal cause for his arrest and imprisonment
That neither the warrant <​of which a copy is hereunto annexed​> or any othe[r] paper or writ under which said pretends to act set forth any charge or offence known to the Law.
That said is not legally authorized to act in the premises.
That your has before this time been twice arrested, and after examination had has been twice acquitted & discharged on the subject matter which forms the ground work of this his present imprisonment— viz once by & before His Honor Charles Mason Judge of the District Court for the Territory of and chief Justice of the Suprem Court of said Territory and again by & before the Municipal Court of [p. [1]] the City of
That he is not guilty of the charge preferred against him & which is the pretended cause of his present arrest and imprisonment— but the whole proceedings against him originate in private pique malice & corruption and it is the intention of his persecutors to take your out of the limits of the State of and before a tribunal from which he has every reason to apprehend that he can not obtain justice
That he does not shrink from a fair & impartial investigation of any charges that may be brought against him— but anxiously seeks & desires the same.
But inasmuch as your s constitutional rights are invaded, his liberty illegally & unjustly taken from him, he prays your Honorable Court to issue its writ of requiring said to bring his your with the cause of his detention & imprisonment <​forthwith​> before your Honors that an investigation may be had into the matters herein set forth & if found to be true that your may be discharged & set free from said unlawful imprisonment.
Sworn to & subscribed before me this 29th. <​30th.​> day of May A.D. 1844.
Municipal Court C. L.S [p. [2]]
[page [3] blank] [p. [3]]
Petition of for
Filed May 30— 1844 [p. [4]]


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    Signature of Jeremiah Smith.  

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    Certification by Willard Richards in handwriting of Jeremiah Smith.  

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    Signature of Willard Richards.  

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    TEXT: “L.S” enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.  

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    Docket and notation in handwriting of Willard Richards.