Petition, circa 6 November 1839, Copy [Singley v. Rigdon]

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In the [blank] Circuit Court Ills.)
To the [blank] Term, A. D. 184[blank].)
Fifth Judicial Circuit
Nicholas Singl[e]y—— Plaintiffs states that he holds a certain Note on the Defendants, in substance as follows to wit followeth
March 6th 1837
Ninety days after date I promise to pay Nicholas Singl[e]y one hundred and fifty Dollars for value received with use
[blank lines] Yet the same Debt remains unpaid
Wherefore, he prays judgment for his debt and damages for the detention of the same, together with his costs.
Little & Williams [p. [1]]
Karnes & Woods, Book and Job Prs. .
2d. Day No. 1 Pt. & Sum.
Nicholas Singly
vs.) In Petition & Summons.
Circuit Court Ill.
To September Term, A. D. 1840
Little & Williams Pltffs Atty
I have served the within summons by delivering a <​true​> copy of the Within Petition same to the within named and Summons to the Within named July 23d 1840,
E. G. Haggard Sheriff, Ill.
I cannot, in my find the within named [blank]
Sheriff [blank].
Services of Summons— $.50
Returning— .12½
Making 1 Copy— .50
18 miles travel— 1 12½
Total Amt. $2.25
E G Haggard SHERIFF, ILL. [p. [2]]


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    Docket printed with manuscript additions in handwriting of S. Otho Williams.  

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    Notation in handwriting of S. Otho Williams.  

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    Notations printed with manuscript additions presumably in handwriting of E. G. Haggard.