Petition from Albert P. Rockwood and Others, 11 August 1841

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To the hounerable ; Aldermen and City Counsel of the City of .
The petition of the undersigned respectifuly represent that publick convenience requires that part of Partridge street north of Cutler street should be opened and graded that it may be pasable; and your petitioners beg leve further to represent, that the contemplated opening will deminish the distance of travel for most of the Citisons of the North part of the in geting to the Lot, Lower & south part of the , &c, Your petitioners, therefore, pray that after due proseedings had, it may be thus opened and Graded as in duty bound will ever Pray
August 11 1841
Names Names
Daniel Cathcart
W[hitford] G. Wilson S. G. Simmonds
Alexander Lyon
Cyrus Isham Benj. Hendryx
Levi North
J. Miller
John Walker
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N[oah] T. Guymon
Luther Burklow
W[illiam] R Helm
Alfred Lee
Eli Lee [p. [2]]
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Augt 11th 1841
Petn to open & Grade Partridge Street.
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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Notation in unidentified handwriting.