Petition from Albert P. Rockwood and Others, 18 July 1842

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City of July 18th, 1842.
To the Mayor, Alderman <​Aldermen​> and Counselors of the City of .—
The undersigned citisons of the City of — ask leave to represent to your honourable body, that we belive the health of the is verry much impuned, by <​in​> consequence of the many rafts of logs, Wood, timber &C. that are suffered to lay in the edies, coves and along the for weeks and months; which couses stagnent water, which when stired by hawling or other ways causes produses a verry offensive affluva [effluvia] which injurieous to health— besides it verry much impeads navigation of flat Boats, Skifts &C which are almost constantly passing and repassing——
We therefore request that your honourable body to take immeduate measuers to protest [protect] the against the evle; by passing an Audinense [Ordinance] to that effect. As in duly bound will ever Pray.
Nelson Turner
Wm. R Helm Levi Allred
David P. Rainey John H Powers
Alexander Lyon Solon Powers
Levi L Skinner
John Sweat H B M Jolley
Eli Lee
Thomas L Munjar Alfred Lee
George C. Wilson Jackson Smith
Guy C. Wilson Patrick Norrris [Norris]
Samuel Fowler Nahum Benjamin
Erastus Dodge
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Johnson G Bentley Seth Jackson
Josiah James Wm Oaks
Daniel Allen
Benjn. Sweat David Jenkins
Ormond Butler
Jacob Johnson John Thorp
Jacob h Johnson James Spencer
An[thony] head. Richard Withnell
Geo Middagh
John H Lyons Nathan Cheney
Francis Lee Joseph Aldridge
Chester Southworth John Baus[h]
Horace S Rawson H[enry] L, Moore
W[hitford] G, Wilson
Joseph Dudley Daniel Cathcart
Charles Hulett
Jacob G Bigler
Peter Hopkines [Hopkins]
Allen Taylor Calob Lions [Caleb Lyons]
O D Hovey
Luther V Burklow Graham Caltrin [Coltrin]
Welcome Chapman Lewis Leigler
David W Wright Newman G Bladget [Blodget]
Worthy Clark Daniel Cahoon
John Aitkin Andrew Smith
Lorenzo D Driggs Samuel hodge
Lewis Hyde John Drysdale
Lyman Curtis Elisha Averett
George Ritche
Charles L Lewis John Keown
James Standing
Abel Prior
Henry Kearns Wm. Higbee
Nahum Curtis
Franklin Green
David Jones Wm Anderson
Isaac Allred
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Younger M Causlin
Allen Weeakes [Weaks]— Eleazar [Eleazer] King Jr
Enoch M. King
Alvin Winegar William Jenkins
Francis Clark
William Player Elijah Newman
James Pall
Joseph W. Pierce H. M Alexander
E[than] M Kimball
A Stephens J S Canfield
Georege [George] gates Wm Scott
John Higbee
John Haslam A[lvin] M. Harding
William Greenhalgh
Samuel Henderson
David Wilding Daniel S Thomas
Lucius Merchants Henry Oaks
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Noah T Guymon
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