Petition from Hosea Stout and Others, 9 November 1844

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Nov 9th 1844
To the Honorable City Council of the City of
We the undersigned petitioners pray your honorable body that Hodgekiss Street may be opened from warsaw Street West one Block as it will accommodate a large number of our citizens. And We as in duty bound will ever pray
A[llen] J. Stout
D[aniel] M. Repsher [p. [1]]
Novr. 9. 1844
Petition of and four others for the opening of Hodgkiss Street— one Block West from Warsaw Street— [p. [2]]


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    Signatures of Hosea Stout, Ezra T. Benson, Allen Stout, Winslow Farr, and Daniel Repsher.  

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    Endorsement in unidentified handwriting.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.