Petition from James B. Nicholson and Others, 22 April 1842

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April 22nd. 1842
To Bro Joseph Smith of the .
We the undersigned Petitioners, members of the Church of Latter Day Saints at , respectfully represent, that inasmuch as there has been some difficulties in our Church, in this for some few months past (as you doubtless are aware) and through those difficulties, since the has closed and others have caused the place of worship in Third Street where we have been worshiping to be closed, <​thus​> compelling those that wish to hear the Gospel Preached to attend in Chestnut St much to our inconvenience and the inconvenience of others that are enquiring the way to . Therefore your Petitioners would respectfully ask, that a Church may be organized in the North part of the City of (in the part of the city where the most of us reside) seperate and distinct from any other, in order that the Good work may still continue to prosper with us, and in order to have the word of God dispensed among us, We would present to your favourable notice Wm. Wharton who has been serving us without pay, ever since left us, to our entire satisfaction: and the satisfaction of others who are enquiring the way of Life. If those favours are granted they shall be held in gratefull remembrance by the subscribers untill we can make it convenient to remove to the Land of rest prepared for the people of the Lord, for which we will ever pray &C
. Chas. Snyder
Sabina Ewens Wm. N. West Jacob G. Baker
Elizabeth Ditterline Sarah ann Hayes Eliza. Baker
Elizabeth Hayes James Larson Susanna Webester
lydia snyder John Bates T. Wilson
Mary Bates C T Snyder
Adelaide Nicholson Jane Bates Nathan Hayes
Elizabeth Johnson
Catharine Ditterline Thomas Allen Charles Johnson
Elizabeth Clark Margaret Allen Charles Ditterline
Sarah C Owen Mrs Frost Mary C Owen
[p. [1]]
[illegible signature]
Mary West James. M. Kinney
Margarett. Turner Jane Syfritt
Wm T. Cole Hannah Sailor
Mrs Cole T. Vinduzerf
Caroline. gruen Wells Walton
Mary Matilda Caok Charles E West
Joseph Landis Susan H Conrad
Wim Lowry Samuel Baker
Peter Hofheinz. Elizabeth Baker
Sevirin Hofheinz. James Panson
Isaac Funcke Samuel P Claphanson
Ann Funck Caroline Linconbaley
George Anthony Sarah Burns
John Turner William Middleton
Ann Conrad Clary Wikel
Michael Katz Jacob Hofheinz.
Catherine Katz George Clark
eathn Yager Marey ann Hofheinz
Eliza Yager Christina Lang
Richard Bender Susanna Wilson
John Ewing John Schaull
Catherine Schaull [5 lines blank]
A number more Signers Could be obtained if time would admit but as Bro Robins must leave we must close.
An answer by the Bearer of this petition will be gratefully received by your. Pettitioners who will ever pray for your prosperity & that of the untill we all come in the unity of the faith &C &C even so Amen. [p. [2]]
We whose names are hereunto attached have learned with surprise that the house in Third Street where the have held meetings and where we have been very well pleased, under the Preaching of Wm. Wharton their Preacher, is closed by the order of and others; would ask in conjunction with the members, that the same or another may be opened under the Guidance of Wm. Wharton, or some other person as competant as he & we will ever pray &C
Daniel Craut [illegible signature]
Judah Wear John Moore Emma Frost
Saml Conaway George H Smith Mary Baker
Jacob K Katz James Brewer Catherine Vinduzerf
George Hiles Elizabeth Webb. Sarah Walton
John G Tehle Mary Ann Webb Hannah Conrad
Reuben S. Foster Amanda Winiley
P. Wallover John Wood Ann Craig
Catherine Read
Richard Hamson Eliza Broadnix Margaretta Wallover
Charles Waittesaun Esther Keesey Eliza Emlin
Reuben W. Thompson Lydia Mc’Kinley
Joseph Haines Sarah Ann Davis
Charles B Allen Harriet Smith
Sara. Strackbine Catherine Depuy
William Webster
James C. Haines
[2 lines blank]
<​Answered by the . May 14, 1842.​> [7 lines blank] [p. [3]]
To Josep Smith
of the .
Grant this petition by letter in the nam[e] of the first Presidncy
Joseph Smith>
<​Granted by the , May 14, 1842 and silen[ce]d​>
<​ans May 14.​> [p. [4]]


  1. 1

    That is, the 6–10 April 1842 conference. (See Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 6–10 Apr. 1842, 22–30.)  

    Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 1840–1854. CCLA.

  2. 2

    The Chestnut Street meetinghouse was located approximately a mile southwest of the Third Street building.  

  3. 3

    Branch members previously paid for Winchester’s boarding costs. (Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 5 Apr. 1841, 12–16.)  

    Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 1840–1854. CCLA.

  4. 4

    In January 1841 the First Presidency instructed church members to gather in Hancock County, Illinois. On 6 April 1841 Hyrum Smith presided over a meeting in Philadelphia in which he read a 19 January 1841 revelation that commanded church members to gather to Nauvoo, Illinois, develop the city, and build the Nauvoo temple and Nauvoo House. He also “gave some beneficial instructions relative to the Saints gathering at Nauvoo.” (Minutes and Discourses, 5–7 Oct. 1839; Proclamation, 15 Jan. 1841; Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 6 Apr. 1841, 16–19; Revelation, 19 Jan. 1841 [D&C 124].)  

    Philadelphia, PA, Minutes and Records, 1840–1854. CCLA.

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    Individual signatures begin.  

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    This name, as well as the one below and that of Christina Lang, in the next column, are written in Kurrentschrift, an old German cursive.  

  7. 6

    Likely John R. Robbins or Isaac R. Robbins. (See Letter from William Appleby, ca. Mar. 1842.)  

  8. 7

    See Ephesians 4:13.  

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    Individual signatures begin.  

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    Endorsement in the handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Graphite endorsement in the handwriting of JS.  

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    Endorsement in the handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Endorsement in the handwriting of Willard Richards.