Petition from James Hamilton and Others, 22 June 1844

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We the undersigned Citizens of Respectfully, Request General Joseph Smith to preach on to morrow and that we have liberty of seats near enough to the Stand to hear inasmuch as we have an oppertunity to hear him but Seldom and Some of us have not heard him atol [at all] yours respectfully
Subscribers Subscribers
James Hamilton and Co. Capt of <​at​> the liberty Branch
Nathaniel Case Capt 7 Co— 4 Reet [Regiment] 2d Cohort from
Hugh, [Urijah] H. Yager & Co Capt at the Branch of
2d Cohort first lewt [lieutenant] at the Hiland [Highland] Branch Compny
Z[achariah] D Wilsons. Company
. D[itt]o.
Maj of the first Battalion of third Ridgment [Regiment]
Warren Snow Capt Co 4th Regiment 2d Cohort of
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June 17, 1844
Invitation from James Hamilton & othe[r]s to preach tomorrow [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.