Petition from John Cleveland and Others, circa 26 November 1842

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To the Honorable the City Council of the City of ,
The Petition of <​and others​>,— Humbly Sheweth, That William Nesbit is about to erect a Slaughter House fronting immediately upon or near to a Street in this , and within the width of the width of the Street, or near thereto, of Petitioner <​s​> dwelling House, and that if said Slaughter House is permitted to be built, it will be very prejudicial to the comfort, Health, and happiness of Petitioner and his Family, and many other Citizens in the vicinity.
Petitioners therefore Pray the honorable Council to appoint a Board of Health for this , and enact a Law for the prevention and removal of Nuisances, or such other Act as to your honorable Body may seem meet, for the preservation of the Health, & peace comfort and prosperity of the Inhabitants of this .
And Petitioners as in duty bound will pray.
Elias Langdon
Wm. Ford
Wm. Ford— Jun
Rufus Allen
Andrew Whitlock
Jerome Kimpton
<​refd. to the Committee of Municipal Laws​>
<​Novr 26th 1842.​>
<​Committee reported <​a Bill for​> an Ord[inan]ce, which was accepted same day.​>
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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsements in handwriting of James Sloan.