Petition from John P. Herr and Others, 7 March 1844

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State of Illinois
March 7th. 1844
To the Honourable the City Council of the City of we your petitioners citizens of the North part of said pray your Honourable Boddy to grant an order for the Cuting and grading the river hill on the north end of Wells Street to intersect at the river road, from thence South to Brattle Street and Your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray
Names— Names <​44 names​>
Stphen Blackmon
John P. Herr George Snider
James Leithead J G Morgun
Geo. C— Wilson Davis McOlny
John Reece John Henderson
John Huse
Thom M Callam G. O. Luke
Ormond Butler Thomas Wenkless
John Wych
John Wood Henry Nelson
Harrison Pickel
Guy. C. Wilson William M Law
John M McCaul Daniel Allen Jr
August[us] Dodge David Cluff Sen
Dhira Young
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Names Names
Jackson smith
Henry G Cook
Samuel F M Fantwell
Joseph B Hawks
Andrew Lamoreaux
John M King
Enoch M King
S. A. P Kelsy
H B M Jolley
Lorenzo D. Butler
Edmund R. Butler
Thomas Evans
Joseph Price
Josiah Boice
A[ndrew] A. Timmons
William Munjar
Eleazer King Sr
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Names Names
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March 7th. 1844
Petition of 44 Persons to have the Cutting and Grading of the River Hill on the North End of Wells Street referred to the Mayor
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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of Willard Richards.