Petition from Nauvoo Legion, 9 September 1843

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To Lieutenant General Joseph Smith Co[page torn] Nauvoo Legion.
We the undersigned, officers, &c in said L[page torn] respectfully solicit your honor’s attention to the [page torn] object of drawing the army, according to law, [page torn] and benefit of said Legion. According to a com[page torn] calculation the First Cohort about needs 640 sta[page torn] and the second Cohort about 2080 sta[page torn] and 8 cannon:— making a total want [page torn] pistols rifles, muskets and cannon of 272[page torn] therefore would suggest that a com[m]itt[page torn] or three suitable persons be appointed [page torn] out a regular bill and present the s[page torn] governor or a proper authorities at [page torn] that the said arms may be drawn and [page torn] to the city of , for the occupa[page torn] said Legion according the Laws of th[page torn] and this , for the distribut[page torn] public arms, and as in duty boun[page torn] ever pray: . Sept. 9, 1843
, Clerk
. Recorder
B W Rolfe
Col W. B. M
H I. Young Col
B S Wilbe[r] L[ie]ut. C[o]l
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