Petition from Phineas R. Bird and Others, 8 April 1842

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April 8th 1842 Illinois
The Honerable City Council. We the undersigned pray your honerable body that there may be a bridge erected on Carlin Street at the junction of Joseph Street across the ravine which obstructs the passage of said street— which will oblige the undersigned. For which we Ever pray
Subscribers names Subscribers names
Charles McGary
Matthew Mansfield
Peter Melling
Joseph Remington
Merrit Reckwell
Edmund Nelson
H T Chipman
Judson Stoddard
Jonathan O Duke
Billa Dickson
<​accepted & Adopted.—​>
<​Apl 9th 42. /No 4/​>
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    Endorsements in handwriting of James Sloan.