Petition from Pulaski Cahoon, circa 1 November 1841

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State of Illinois)
To the Honorable <​City​> Council of the City of . the undersigned your humbly Sheweth that he is <​or​> owner of a Certain small building Which Was Situated We the on the North <​South​> West Corner <​of Block No. 9. North of Public Square​> of the Public Square in this , Which Was by the Order of your Honorable Body removed from its Situation and not only removed but utterly Destroyed And your Humbly Sheweth that Said building Cost your the Sum of one Hundred & twenty five Dollars and that your has sustained Damage to that the aforesaid Amount to wit the amount of $125, And that by the Destruction of Said Property your has been Deprived of the Benefit & use of his Said building in this that he has been Deprived of the rents of Said building— arising from the Disposition which he your had made of the Building Previous to your honorable Body Declaring the Said to be a Nuisance— Your therefore Humbly Prays that your Honorable Body Make an appropriation commensurate With the Damage Which your has Sustained And this your as in Duty Bound Will Ever Pray
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Novr 1st 1841
Petition of claiming Damages for the House which was removed as a Nuisance.— [p. [2]]


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    Signature of Pulaski Cahoon.  

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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.