Petition from Reuben Atwood and Others, 5 April 1842

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<​(Granted 9th April 1842— No 3.—​>
To the Honorable City Council of the city of
Gentleman we your undersi[g]ned petitioners pray your honorable body to opon Bagbee Street from Parley street north to kimble street as it will give us out let and accommodate us verry much and we your petitioners will ever pray
April 5th 1842
[illegible] Rogers Reuben Atwood
A Horn Lewis Robbins
J Huntsman Barnet Cole
John Lowry Benjn Brown
L Brown
Evelett Adolphus Chapin
Thomas Richmond
Noah Rogers Israel Whiton
Georg M Kinzi
Enoch Burns John Dawnton
Jeremiah Plumb Seth Rigby
William W. Lane Allen Taylor
J. S. Johnston
Albern Allen A[llen] J Stout
Thomas Spiers
Benjamin Jones J[esse] D Hunter
Almon Newell
[p. [1]]
Jas Goff
David ◊◊◊bry
B[enjamin] R Bentley Albert ◊◊◊sel
Isaac Allred
Joseph Egbert William Batson
Richard Bird
Samuel Griggs N M Hawthorn
Charles Hulett George Whitney
Nathan L E. F [illegible]
Andrew Whitlock R A Allred
A Bath◊◊◊◊ Oliver Stratton
Josiah Arnold
Charles W Hubbard William Milam
Noah Hubbard James Pace
Simeon Hendreks
Isaac Morton Jesse Price
Samuel R Morton Jacob [illegible]
Jacob Morris
Joseph Worm[o]uth
Edward Gabbot Ebenezer Jennings
Harmon Cutler
Robert W Bidwell Samuel Parker
Joseph Horne Andrew J Clothier


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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Signatures of petitioners.