Petition from Robert L. Campbell and Others, 13 January 1844

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To the honorable Mayor Alderman and Councellors of the city of :
your petitioners would humbly request for the benefit and convenience of the said , that all dogs be Taxed one dollar a head, and all bitches five dollars a head: <​pr year​> In this way the revenew of the could increase and bad dogs would decrease.
And your petitioners will ever pray. Jan’y 13th 1844.
M[oses] M. Sanders Robert [L.] Campbell
Rufus Allen
George Nelson
James Holt
Dwight Harding Trueman R Barber
Moses Cutler George C Peacock
A. C. Brewer Richard Harrison
W. Leyland John biscon
W Hartley
James M wokes
Benjamin Jones
J Halliday
D. M Repsher
S Colton
M. Baner Peter Mesick
George Snider
Samuel M Howe
[p. [1]]
James Jepson
Charels Perrin
Wm. Swett
Thomas Moor
John Binley
John. M. Callan
J. M Jackson
Henry Kearn
G. C Risere
J Cooper
J J Riser
Daniel S Cahoon
Pater Zoffninz
A[braham] O. Smoot
Wm. G Rule
Wm Orr
John A. Forgeus
George Alley
Sanford Bingham
John Hill
John Rithans
George Woodward
Wm Henrie
James Sanderson
Petition of Robert Campbell & 72 others to tax dogs.—
<​Read— January 13th 1844​>
<​Laid on the Table​> [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of Willard Richards.