Petition from Samuel Bent and Others, 12 December 1844

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To the honorable city council of .
We the undersigned petitioners, desirous for the wellfare and public good of the city of and the surrounding country, would humbly pray that your honorable body will either grant to , who now has mills in operation, to be legally constituted a Successor to Joseph Smith in bulding a Dam in the , or to grant him power to continue his dam, already erected, so far into the Stream, not interfering with said grant, as the navigation of said , as shall enable him to propel Michinery for factories and other purposes and Dec 12 1844 as in duty bound we will ever pray.
Dec 12 1844.
Freeborn Demill
Jos G. Harvey
Samuel Williams Levi Doane
Augustus Stafford Chancy Peck
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Dec. 14[th] 1844.
Petition of & 21 others for to make a dam
<​Granted Decr. 14. 1844​>
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James Goff
Sidney Roberts
John Hatfield
David, W, [illegible]
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