Petition from Thomas Grover and Others, 2 May 1842

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May 2— 42
To the City Council of . We your undersigned petitioners request of your Honourable body to alter the Highway taxes of this : and tax every man according to the property he possesses.
Francis Moon Joseph Mount
Edward Gabbet
Edward Rigby
Bushrod W Wilson
Lindsey Brady
B[radley] B. Wilson
John Robinson
John Alston
John abbot
John Hodson
Edrd. Johnson
Seth Rigby
Barnet Rigby
Thomas J Filcher
Wm. J Jenkins
R. W. Allred
George Scholes
George Ritchie
Horece Wild
Alonso King
Eleazar King Jr
B M Matteres
Warriner Porter
<​Committee of Ways & Means—​>
<​Report of Committee Recd., & <​adopted, Petn​> Rejected.​>
<​/No. 4./​>
<​May 14th. 1842.​> [p. [1]]
Petn of & o[the]rs to have the highway Taxes altered.— [p. [2]]
Charl[e]s W Hubbard
Henry Shornber
Wm J Stewart
B. R. Bently
David Brinton
John Robinson
James G Morgan
Richard Bentley
Stephen Luce
David DeVol
William Garner
John Rushton
Thomas Moss
James Proctor
David Wilding
John A. Forgeus
Thomas Traves
John Burskow
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