Petition to the United States Circuit Court for the District of Illinois, 31 December 1842, Willard Richards Copy [Extradition of JS for Accessory to Assault]

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To the Honorable the circuit Court of the for the District of
The Petition of Joseph Smith respectfully sheweth that he has been arrested & is detaind in custody by Sheriff of upon a warrant Issued by the of the State of upon the requisiti[on] of the of as a fugitive from Justice. a copy of the Said warrant & the requisition & the affidavit upon which the same is was issued is hereto annexed, & your Petitioner is also arrested by . & by him also held & ditained in custody (Jointly with the said of ) upon a proclamation issued by the of the State of a copy of which proclamation is hereto annexed.— Your petitioner prays that a writ of may be issu[e]d by this Court directed to the said & . commanding them forthwith & without delay to bring your Petitioner before this Hon[or]able Court to abide such order & direction as the Said court may make in the premises— Your Petitioner states that he is arrested & detained as aforesaid under color of a law of the & that his detention & arrest and detention is illegal & in violation of law. & without the authority of Law. in this, that your petitioner is not a fugitive from justice, nor has he fled from the state of . & your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray
Joseph Smith— [p. [1]]
No of
Filed Dec 31— 1842
,— Clerk
No 2 Requisiton of
" 3 affidavit
4 certificate of
5 proclamation Sept. 20 [p. [2]]


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    Docket and notations in handwriting of Willard Richards.