Pluries Scire Facias, 10 January 1846 [Dana v. Brink et al.]

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State of Illinois) Sct [scilicet]
The People of the State of To the of Said — Greeting
Whereas , on the 21st. day of September AD 1844. filed in the Circuit Court for the Said County of , in the s office thereof his declaration against , Jonah R Ball and And thereupon sued out of our Said Circuit Court on the Said fourteenth day of September AD 1844, a Certain writ of Summons, against the said , Jonah R Ball and which Said writ of Summons was afterwards to wit, on the fourth day of October AD 1844. returned by the of said County of with the following endorsement thereon to wit,
“I have Served the within Summons by reading the Same to the within named Jonah R Ball on this 4th October AD 1844.”
Sheriff Ills
By T[imothy] Gridley Jr. Deputy
“I Cannot in my find the within named , on this 4th of October AD 1844.
Sheriff Ills
By T Gridley Jr Depty.
And whereas afterwards, to wit, on the Twenty third day of October AD 1844, such proceedings were thereupon had that the Said in our Said <​Circuit​> Court recovered a Judgment against the Said Jonah R Ball impleaded with and for the sum of Two Hundred and Sixty Eight Dollars and ninety Eight and one half cents damages, besides his Cost about his Suit in that behalf expended as appears to us of Record, upon the record of which said Judgment a Memorandum is entered in the words and figures following to wit, “Which may be discharged upon the payment of the damages aforesaid and that he have for the damages and costs aforesaid” [p. [1]] which Said Judgment Still remains unsatisfied as we are informed by the said We therefore Command you as we have often times before commanded you to make Known to and that you Summon the Said and that they be and appear before our said Circuit Cou[r]t on the first day of the next term thereof to be holden at the Court House in on the Third monday in the month of May next to Show cause if any they have why they should not be made parties defendants to the Judgment aforesaid, and why should not issue against them for the amount thereof agreeable to the Statute in Such case made and provided; And further to do and receive whatever our said Court Shall then and there Consider of them in this behalf And have you then there this writ and make return thereon in what manner you execute the Same
Witness clerk of our Said Circuit Court and the seal thereof at this Tenth day of January AD 1844.
clerk [p. [2]]
and others
To May Term 1846
Filed May 16. 1846
I cannot in my find & the other Defendants herein— May 18th 1846
By H. G. Ferris Dept. [p. [3]]


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    Docket in handwriting of David E. Head.  

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    Notation in handwriting of David E. Head.  

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    Notation probably in handwriting of H. G. Ferris.