Power of Attorney, John W. Clark to Oliver Granger, 15 April 1839

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This certifies that I John W Clark authorise to rent my House and lot situated in Geauga County State of Ohio or take charge or have the care of the same as it is known as part of lot No 44— and is bounded as follows Beginning near the South west Corner of a peace of land deeded by to Scofield five rods and twenty two links Southwardly from said Scofields corner in the center of the old Chillicothe road leading from the to running East about twenty rods to a post parallel with said Scofields North and South line thence due South paralell with said road farenoough to contain Sixety Six and two thirds rods thens west parabell with said west first line to the center of said road thence Northward by in the center of said road to the place of Beginning Containing Sixty six and two thirds rods of ground. The above described land I authorise to rent or have charge of for the term of one year or till further orders from me.
John W Clark
Illinois April th 15 1839 [p. [1]]
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