Praecipe, 23 February 1844 [Davis v. JS et al.]

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Circuit Court
May Term 1844.
vs) Trespass
Joseph Smith)
The of said Court will issue subpoena for . and , and to bring with him a Certain Warrant of Commitment from one [blank] Esqr commanding him to Commit to jail the Body of one and to bring with him the same paper and a certain Petition for the Writ of and the papers thereunto attached of one and the writ of Habeas Corpus issued thereon and the return thereto together with all papers in his office as clerk of the Municipal Court of the City of Showing by what authority the said was imprisoned and by what authority detained by one on behalf <​of​> and to be [illegible] by pltff
Feby 23d 1844.
Bachman & Skinner & attys for [p. [1]]
Circuit Court
May Term 1844
Joseph Smith et als
Precipe for Subpoena
Filed Febry 23rd. 1844
, Clerk [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Onias Skinner.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Jacob B. Backenstos.