Preamble to Ordinance, between 8 and 10 June 1844

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An ordinance concerning libels and for others purposes.
Whereas the Saints in all ages of the world have suffered persecutions and death; by wicked and corrupt men under the garb <​of​> a most holy appearance of religion; And whereas the from the moment that its first “broke Sprung out of the earth” till now, has has been persecuted with death, destruction and extermination; and whereas men, to fulfil the scriptures, that a “man’s enemies are they of his own house hold,” have turned traitors in the church and combined and leagued w[i]th <​the​> most Corrupt scoundrels and villians that disgraced the earth unhung; for the heaven daring and damnable purpose of revenge on account of disappointed [p. 1]
Esqr. [p. [2]]


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    Notation in graphite in unidentified handwriting.