Promissory Note from David C. Deming, 20 March 1840–B

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Hancock Co Ills March 20th. 1840
On or before the twentieth day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty five I promise to pay Mesrs Joseph Smith Junr & or order the Sum of one hundred dollars with interest the interest to be paid on the twentieth day of March in each and every year— value received—
David C Deming [p. [1]]
Lot No 4 Block No 9
BOND to David C Deming [p. [2]]


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    Signature of David C. Deming.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Robert B. Thompson.  

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    This docket properly belongs with Bond to David C. Deming, 20 Mar. 1840 instead of with the promissory notes. Because this docket was written on the back of the promissory notes, it is likely that the bond and sheet of promissory notes were stored together, with the promissory notes on the outside.