Promissory Note to Joseph Codd, 23 September 1842

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23d. Sept 1842
Ninety days after date For value Rec[eive]d I promis to pay Joseph Codd or order the sum of Two Hundred Dollars and Interest
[signature, presumably of JS, removed] [p. [1]]
Paid on this 24 bushels of corn $4.75
[J]anuary 18th 1843
[P]lease to pay the [ba]llance of the within [n]ote to John Fox or [be]arer
Joseph Codd
January 18th. 1843
Received on the with[i]n one hundred and Ten dollars
Feb 13th 1843
Received on the within twenty five dollars [p. [2]]


  1. 1

    See Trustee-in-trust, “Tithing Day Book B,” 1842–1844, 15, Tithing Daybooks, CHL.  

    Tithing and Donation Record, 1844–1846. CHL.

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    Notations in handwriting of Joseph Codd.  

  3. 2

    TEXT: Page torn where signature was removed on recto. One or two characters are missing at the beginning of the following five lines; text supplied from context.