Proverbs, between circa 11 August and circa 4 September 1842

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Proverbs of Joseph
1st Never exact of a friend in adversity what you would requirre in prosperity
2d If a man prove himsellfe to be honest in his deal, & an ememy come upon him wickedly, through fraud or false pretences and because he is Stronger than he maketh him his prisener and Spoil him with his Goods never Say unto that man in the day of his adversity pay him what thou owest, for if though [thou] doest it though [thou] addest a deeper wound and condemnation Shall come upon the[e]. and the richus [riches] shall be Justifyed in the days of thine adversity if they mock at the[e]
3rd Never afflict thy Soul for what an Enemy hath put it out of thy power to do, if thy Desieres are ever so Just
4th. Let thy hand never fale to hand out that that though [thou] owest which it is yet within thy Grasp to do So, but when thy Stock fails say to thy heart— be Strong and to thine anxieties cease. for Man what is he, he is but dong [dung] upon the Earth and all though he demand of the the cattle of an thousan[d] [p. [1]] hills he cannot posess himselfe of his own Life God made him and thee and gave all things in common
5th. There is one thing under the Sun which I have learned and that is that the ritcheousness of man is Sinn, be cause it exacteth over Much neverless <​nevertheless​> the ritcheousness of God is Just because it exacteth nothing at all, but Sendeth the rain on the Just and the unjust Sead [seed] time and harvest for all of which Man is ungreatefull [1/2 page blank] [p. [2]]