Recognizance, 5 July 1842 [City of Nauvoo v. McGraw]

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City of ) ss. [scilicet]—
Hancock County)
State of Illinois)
City of )
William H. Mcgraw)
Whereas the Defendant has been this day Convicted before the Mayor of this for a Breach of the City Ordinance, by Selling Spiritious Liquors, and Fined in a Sum of Twenty five Dollars, upon the Testimony of Henry Rhodes, , and , and the Defendant hath declard his intention of lodging an appeal to have a rehearing of said Cause before the Municipal Court of said , Now Know all Men by these Presents that we the said Witnesses are held and firmly bound unto the City of in the Sum of Twenty five Dollars each. The Condition of the foregoing Obligation is such that if the said Henry Rhodes, , and do respectively appear at the next Municipal Court to be held in said , and give Evidence as Witnesses in said Cause, if then and there required to give said Evidence, then this Bond or Obligation to be null and void, and of no effect otherwise to remain in full force and Virtue in Law.— Given under Our Hands and Seals, and dated, and delivered, this fifth day of July 1842.—
Henry Rhoads
Taken and acknowledged before me at my in said , on the day and year above Written.——
Joseph Smith
Mayor [p. [1]]
[blank] [p. [2]]


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