Report of Agents, circa 30 January 1841

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The agents for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for the purchasing and selling lands and transacting the business of the Church, would respectfully report:
—That during the interval which has elapsed since their last report, nothing of great importance has transpired in regard to their busness transactions of the
Some lots have been sold since that time, but very little means have been realized, hardly sufficient to meet the current expences,— yet they do not feel discouraged but cheerfully bear up under the burden believing that when they needed assistance; the brethren would come to their assistance with cheerfulness and delight and assist in moving along the great wheel which has commenced to roll in these last days—
The statement of situation of the City plot is as follows.
In the their there have been sales made amounting to about $83.000.—
There are about <​full​> 175 lots remaining unsold & several fractions on the river which are valued at— 112.000.
In the purchase There have been sold Lots amounting to 15.000
There are about 32 lots (exclusive of the block)) on which Resides valued at) 20.000
In the White’s purchase There have been lots sold amounting to 15.000
The estimated value of the remaing lots 20.000
265 000
There have been sales made to widdows and other poor of the Church that from which we cannot expect to receive any pay amounting to 45-000
The purchase of the lands, and the various expences connected with the same will before the whole be settled probably amount to 2,00.0◊◊
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The sales that have been made, have generally been on credit and as yet but comparitavely little means have come into their hands.
There has been paid the following, sums for lands in the City plot viz
2000 Dollars to Mr Hugh White
1000 " to
18000 to Dr which
$3000 are now due to <​being the first payment of Int​> and $3000 to Mr Hugh White— the $3000 to Hugh White must be paid with or the Church must <​may​> suffer loss— it being the last payment to him for the farm purchased of him, and as soon as it is paid we shall be entitled to a deed for the same— we shall then have a deed of about 250 acres of the fairest portion of the City plot—
viz 120 acres from Hugh White
80 from
and 50 from
We have notes which are now due nearly sufficient to meet the payments but in consequence of the poverty of the brethren, we shall not be able to collect them for some time
Report of the Agents of the Church for buying & Selling Land in [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of William Clayton.