Resolutions, 1 July 1844

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At a meeting of the City Council held in the Council Room in the City of on the first day of July A. D. 1844, having received instructions from through the Agency of Esqr and Col. Fellows, it was unanimously
Resolved. For the purpose of ensuring peace and promoting the welfare of the County of and surrounding country, that we will rigidly sustain the laws and the of the so long as they and he, sustain us in all our constitutional rights.
Resolved secondly. That to carry the foregoing Resolution into complete effect, that inasmuch as the has taken from us the Public Arms, that we solicit of him to do the same by all the rest of the Public arms of the .
Resolved thirdly. To further secure the peace, friendship and happiness of the people, and allay the excitement that now exists, that no <​we will reprobate​> private revenge on the assassinators of General Joseph Smith and General shall be made by <​any of​> the . That instead of an appeal to Arms, we appeal to the majesty of the law, and will be content with whatever judgement it shall award, And should the law fail, we leave the matter with God.
Resolved unanimously, That this City Council pledges themselves for the City of , that no aggressions by the citizens of said shall be made [p. [1]] on the citizens of said shall be made on the Citizens of the surrounding country, but we invite them as friends, and neighbors, to use the Saviors golden rule, and do unto others as they would have others do unto them, and we will do likewise.
Resolved lastly that we highly approve of the present public pacific course of the to allay excitement And restore peace among the citizens of this community <​country​> and while he does so and will use his influence to stop all vexatious proceedings in law until confidence is restored so that the citizens of can go to or any other place for trial without exposing themselves to the violence of assassins <​we​> will uphold him and the law by all honorable Means [p. [2]]
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Resolutions passed by the city Council of the city of
July 1st 1844 [p. [4]]


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