Revelation, 5 January 1833

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Januery 5
Behold I Say unto you my Servent , Listen to the word of Jesu Chrit [Jesus Christ] your Lord and your Redeemer thou hast desired of me to know which would be the most worth unto you, behold blessed art tho[u] for this thing. now I say unto you, my Servant Joseph is called to do a great work and hath need that he may do the work of for the salvation of souls— Verily verily I say unto you thou art calld to be a Councillor & scribe unto my servant Joseph Let thy farm be f[o]r bringing forth of the revelations and tho[u] shalt be blessed and lifted up at the last day even so Amen [p. [1]]


  1. 1

    TEXT: The year “1834” appears after “Januery 5”, but it was apparently not part of the original inscription of the document; it was added in later years.  

  2. 2

    A revelation dictated to Jesse Gause soon after his appointment as counselor to JS began in a similar way. (Revelation, 15 Mar. 1832 [D&C 81:1].)