Revelation, 7 March 1832 [D&C 80]

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Portage County Ohio March 7th 1832
Verily thus saith the Lord u[n]to you my sevent [servant] go ye go ye into the world & preach the Gospel to every creature that cometh under the Sound of your voice and inasmuch as you desire a companion I will give unto you my servant therefore go ye and preach my gospel whither to the North or to the South, to the East or to the west it mattereth not for you cannot go amiss therefore declare the things [p. 18] which you have heard and verily believe and know to be true. Behold this is the will of him who hath called you Your Redeemer even Jesus Christ Amen—— [p. 19]


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    JS handwriting begins.  

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    It is unknown whether this heading appeared in the original manuscript; JS may have added it when he copied the revelation into Revelation Book 2.  

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    See Mark 16:15; Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 537 [Mormon 9:22]; Revelation, June 1829–B [D&C 18:28]; and Revelation, 1 Nov. 1831–A [D&C 68:8].  

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    JS handwriting ends; Frederick G. Williams begins.