Revelation, 7 November 1835

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The word <​of the Lord​> came to me saying, behold I am well pleased with my servant and my servant , because of the integrity of their harts in laboring in my vinyard for the salvation of the souls of men, Verily I say unto you their sins are [p. 20] forgiven them, therefor say unto them in my name that it is my will that they should tarry for a little season and attend the , and also the for a wise purpose in me, even so amen [p. 21]


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    The Elders School in Kirtland. A notice in the September 1835 Messenger and Advocate declared that a school for the church’s elders would begin on 2 November 1835. On 3 November 1835, just four days before dictating this revelation, JS “went to assist in organizing the Elders School called to order and I made some remarks upon the object of this School, and the great necessity there is of our rightly improving our time and reigning up our minds to a sense of the great object that lies before us, viz, that glorious endowment that God has in store for the faithful I then dedicated the School in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” (“The Elders Abroad,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, Sept. 1835, 1:191; JS, Journal, 3 Nov. 1835.)  

    Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Kirtland, OH. Oct. 1834–Sept. 1837.

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    Partridge and Morley were among a group of Missouri church leaders named in June 1834 to travel to Kirtland to receive the endowment of “power from on high” when the House of the Lord in Kirtland was completed and the solemn assembly was held therein. (Minutes, 23 June 1834; see also Revelation, 22 June 1834 [D&C 105:33].)