Revelation, 8 November 1835

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The word of the Lord came unto me saying that & President are under condemnation before the Lord, for their iniquities [p. 22]


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    Sometime after the revelation was recorded in the journal, Phelps made some changes to the entry. Close inspection of the document suggests that Phelps knife-erased the word “iniquities” and wrote the word “errors.” Following the word “errors,” Phelps inserted the phrase “for which they made satisfaction the same day.” It is not known precisely when he made these changes, though it was likely while he was helping to write JS’s history, sometime after mid-1841. Phelps began his contribution to JS’s history following the death of Robert B. Thompson on 27 August 1841; he assisted Willard Richards with the history until at least 1843. (See JS, Journal, 8 Nov. 1835; and Jessee, “Writing of Joseph Smith’s History,” 439, 441, 446.)  

    Jessee, Dean C. “The Writing of Joseph Smith’s History.” BYU Studies 11 (Summer 1971): 439–473.