Revelation, April 1830–C [D&C 23:4]

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29 20th AD 1830
A Revelation to given at Ontario Co N.Y. [p. 29]
Behold I speak a few words unto you for thou also art under no condemnation & thy calling is to Exhortation to strengthen the & thou art not <​as​> yet called to prea[c]h before the world Amen [p. 30]


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    John Whitmer probably created this heading when he copied the text into Revelation Book 1. At the time this revelation was dictated, Samuel Smith and JS were likely at the Hyrum Smith residence in Palmyra. If this is the case, the revelation originated in Palmyra, not in Manchester.  

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    Compare Revelations, Apr. 1830–B, D, E [D&C 23:3, 5–7].  

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    Compare Revelation, May 1829–A [D&C 11:15]. By the end of June 1830, however, Samuel Smith took copies of the Book of Mormon and set out on a preaching mission after he “had been set apart by Joseph.” (Lucy Mack Smith, History, 1845, 169–172.)